Once you Create Your Email Accounts through your Shawna Leigh Designs hosting account (cPanel), you can access the email accounts directly on the server via Webmail.

Webmail makes it quick and easy to check your email through a web browser without any external email program or complicated setup.

To Check Your Email Via Webmail:

1. Visit yourdomain.com/webmail (where yourdomain.com is your actual domain)

2. Enter the full email address of the account you with to check, along with the email account's password.

3. Choose which email program you wish to use (I recommend Horde). You can check out my article on What Is The Difference Between Horde And Roundcube?

4. Once you choose the email program, your emails should load up.

TIP: You can choose either email program each time you login or you can choose a default program, which will automatically load when you login.

If you want to check your email using a third-party application or program, please see How To Setup Email With Third-Party Applications.

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