If you are unable to pay your invoice by the designated due date, the best thing you can do is contact me so that we can make arrangements.

This article outlines what happens when you don't pay your invoices for common services.

Overdue Invoices For Website Hosting: Once your invoice becomes overdue, you have a 15 day grace period, during which, your services will remain active. You will continue to receive automated, overdue invoice reminders until your invoice has been paid. I may also reach out to you directly via email or phone to ensure that you're aware of the invoice that's due.

If you fail to pay your overdue invoice during the 15 day grace period, your account will then enter service suspension status. This means all services related to the overdue invoice are temporarily suspended until the invoice has been paid. During suspension status, websites will not be accessible, emails setup through the account will not work, and account access may be partially or fully restricted. Once the overdue invoice has been paid, all services will be restored with no loss of data.

If your invoice goes 30 days past due, all services related to the overdue invoice are permanently terminated. This means all data associated with your hosting account (website files, emails, email accounts, DNS, databases, etc.) will be permanently deleted and wiped from the server. Once this happens, there's no way to recover any lost data. If you would like to restore your hosting service after being 30 days or more past due, you'll need to essentially "start over" with a new account.

Overdue Invoices For Domains: If you fail to pay your domain renewal invoice, your domain will expire on it's expiration date. When a domain expires, it becomes inactive and all services associated with the domain will stop working. Depending on the domain extension, you may still be able to renew the domain for up to 30 days (renewal grace period) after the expiration date.

If you fail to renew your domain during the renewal grace period, it may then enter redemption status. Once a domain enters redemption status, you'll incur a $300 recovery fee in addition to the annual renewal costs, if you wish to recover and renew your domain. There's no guarantee that a domain can be recovered once it enters redemption status.

If you do not recover the domain during redemption, it is eventually released and anyone can register it.

Many domain extensions follow their own process and may not be eligible for redemption or the renewal grace period at all.

If you have important domains, you should never let them get close to expiration. I highly recommend renewing your most important domains for a minimum of 5 years at a time. If you would like to renew for up to 10 years at a time, please contact me.


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